neither do I

“I feel like you’re making up reasons to feel bad,” a dear friend suggested late one night. “Nobody is upset with you. You’re forgiven.” Seeing on my face that I didn’t feel convinced, he patted my shoulder and smiled. “You’ll feel better in the morning,” he said. “Go get some sleep.” Six hours later, my … Continue reading neither do I


Whenever I saw bullies causing someone pain in school, I did something about it. Sometimes I got them to back off. Other times I made enemies. Once I even got seriously hurt. In any case, I never just stood by when someone needed help. Sometimes I feel like people do just that to me. They … Continue reading surrender

you, the loved, are never poor

{by Megan, guest writer} “Tis the season” echoes inescapably wherever we go, each time met with different meanings. Everywhere starts getting a little more crowded, with people and anticipation. A fair few attend religious ceremonies. Many commit to changes and resolutions that are never quite accomplished. One easily forgotten description of this season sticks out … Continue reading you, the loved, are never poor


This past October, my life became so stressful that I had a mini-meltdown while driving around and talking to God. My family felt like it shattered apart when my dad checked into the hospital. Exciting work opportunities slipped away from me. I found myself at odds with someone I truly care about. The prospect of … Continue reading shotgun