I still think about the last funeral I went to. I got there too early but no one saw me. I sat in the back, thinking - unwillingly - that this was a horrible way to say goodbye. I remember asking God, How could they believe such a lie? They brought my friend in a … Continue reading watching

where it starts

My friend with the resting pained face sat next to me at a table of laughing friends, not meeting my eyes. I knew him well enough now to tell something was wrong and that, due to a recent rough patch we went through, he definitely wouldn't tell me about it. The chilly Friday night air … Continue reading where it starts

neither do I

“I feel like you’re making up reasons to feel bad,” a dear friend suggested late one night. “Nobody is upset with you. You’re forgiven.” Seeing on my face that I didn’t feel convinced, he patted my shoulder and smiled. “You’ll feel better in the morning,” he said. “Go get some sleep.” Six hours later, my … Continue reading neither do I

you, the loved, are never poor

{by Megan, guest writer} “Tis the season” echoes inescapably wherever we go, each time met with different meanings. Everywhere starts getting a little more crowded, with people and anticipation. A fair few attend religious ceremonies. Many commit to changes and resolutions that are never quite accomplished. One easily forgotten description of this season sticks out … Continue reading you, the loved, are never poor